MarketingMarketing (Mercadeo)

E-mail Marketing

Let us create or show you how to create professional-looking e-mail promotions or events that deliver fresh and interesting news to customers. The end result? Higher sales and foot traffic to your place of business.

Try it FREE through our business partner, Constant Contact, up to 60 days. Click here to access Constant Contact:

Sample Promos/Events:

Advantages of using Constant Contact:

  • Saves you money when you have little to spend on marketing. Much less expensive than print ads and direct mail—$15 a month to send messages to up to 500 e-mail addresses.
  • You are able to see what percentage of your clients are opening the e-mail ads/campaigns to better understand the response rate to a particular promotion or ad.
  • Lots of templates and ideas to choose from. Creating unique, professional-looking e-mails will keep your business looking fresh and will help retain customers because they know you are constantly working with their interests in mind.

I’ll create a complimentary e-mail to help get you started or you can create your own by signing up for a FREE 60-day trial through Constant Contact by clicking here:


Electronic Communication Boards

Keeping open and clear communication with your employees or customers is imperative to keeping morale and quality high. Let them know what's going on at your business by providing them with interesting news about:

  • industry or seasonal trends
  • employee announcements
  • company birthdays and anniversaries
  • importantevents
  • Safety and GMP practices

Marketing Programs/Campaigns

We can help you brainstorm and execute new marketing programs/campaigns, which will:

  • Boost sales
  • Bring in new customers
  • Provide existing customers with incentives to continue coming back to you

Some examples include:

  • Host an exclusive annual event for top-paying or regular customers to thank them for their patronage. Offer deep discounts, small gifts and over-the-top goodies to show your gratitude.
  • Offer “Private Shopping Nights” for customers who want to invite a group of their best customers or friends for a shower, bridal party, birthday or other special occasion.
  • Create a “Refer a Friend Program” by giving both parties special discounts or gift certificates (easy track through Constant Contact) to thank them for becoming a new customer or for a referral.